Am I about to lose a key resource to my business?

June 29th 2020

Am I about to lose a key resource to my business?

(Second article on psychometric profiles)

The founder of an innovative and dynamic SME has attracted talent thanks to his vision and the reputation of his company.  So far, so good.   Unfortunately, it’s starting to spoil his ability to retain and collaborate with his key employees.   His passion and intensity lead him to certain excesses in micro-management.

As a result, he has had difficulty retaining his strategic personnel for the past few years.    The company continues to grow, but its exceptional potential is constantly plummeted as a succession of vice-presidents and directors take over.

Of course, this type of situation is likely to recur constantly if the president is not open to questioning himself.   Being transparent, objective and humble is particularly difficult when we are emotionally attached to our company.

Beyond this example, there are still many challenges in optimizing management-employee relations.  Even today, when an employee leaves a company, nearly 50% of the time it is because of issues with his or her superior.    Sometimes the situation is unrecoverable, but in many cases it could be better managed.

Psychometric profiles:

Let’s go back to the founder who has trouble retaining key personnel.   He could complete his own psychometric profile and systematically pass it on to all the people he is about to hire as well as to some of his employees.  This will stimulate frank discussions that can be used to develop a better understanding of each person, put in place rules of communication that are conducive and stimulate collaboration.

He will be able to identify candidates who excel in the structure, who are rigorous and who want feedback from those around them.  It is better to build on these strengths than to hire someone who prefers autonomy.

At the same time, economic activity is picking up and many companies have had to make strategic readjustments.   To ensure their survival and growth, executives and managers have reviewed their business plans, made layoffs and are preparing for their new reality.   Am I maximizing its strengths properly?  What adjustments do I need to make?  Should I give them other responsibilities?  Should I consider a layoff?

Such an approach requires humility and openness.   It’s not always easy, but if you want to accelerate the achievement of your goals while increasing employee retention, this is a tool that has proven itself over the years.

At Jump!, since we contribute to the growth of our clients, it is essential for our team to be able to advise you with these tools.  That is why we have chosen to partner with Atman Co. This Quebec company has already helped thousands of executives and they are constantly reinvesting in the improvement of their platform.

For more information, write to us at info@jumprecruteurs.ca or directly to my address: marcandre@jumprecruteurs.ca