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CTO - Video Games

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As a member of the leadership team, the CTO acts as a catalyser to create and build an innovative technological vision for the Studio, aligned with trends and best practices, to better enable the business vision.

Salary :
To be discused
  • Create and implement the technology vision and strategies of the enterprise;
  • Research any new technologies that may potentially increase our company’s competitive advantage;
  • Align the company’s technology resources with the organization’s short- and long-term goals;
  • Create a timeline for development and deployment of technology services;
  • Serve on the executive committee to align technology goals to other departmental and organizational objectives;
  • Identify what technologies can be used to improve the company’s products and services;
  • Plan and oversee the implementation of technologies to support development for new gaming platforms;
  • Innovate by finding solutions that will help the company in pursuing its objectives;
  • Work in close collaboration with the other Tech groups;
  • Oversee IT operations by establishing schedules and work priorities according to strengths on the IT Teams
  • Stay abreast with the technologies/softwares provided by the company, across all studios, in order to be able to identify any possible optimizations.
Other Responsibilities :
  • Create and oversee high-level KPIs for IT department;
  • Assist in recruiting, onboarding and training IT managers ;
  • Keep track of IT budgets in order to update the performance of technology.
Experience & Qualifications:
  • BSc or BA in Computer Science, Engineering, or another similar field;
  • MBA or similarly relevant graduate degree would be an asset;
  • Previous work experience as a Chief Technology Officer or another similar leadership role;
  • Able to conduct research and analyses of technologies;
  • Knowledge of technology trends, excellent knowledge of technological constraints on the different gaming platforms;
  • Understanding of business strategy and planning;
  • Comprehension of budgets;
  • Must be available to travel;
  • Minimum 5 years experience in the video game industry;
  • At least 10 years of related experience.
Technical Skills :
  • Excellent knowledge of C, C ++, C#, framework, .net and Unreal;
  • Experience with plugins / scripting, 3ds Max/Maya is a major asset;
  • Thorough knowledge of game engines.
Interpersonal Qualities :
  • Strategic thinker;
  • Problem-solving;
  • Strong leadership skills;
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication abilities;
  • Ability to organize and manage the work of other programmers;
  • Ability to be a team player;
  • A desire to push the barriers of technology in video games is required;
  • The maturity to give and receive constructive criticism is expected;
  • Be a good communicator.

Possibility of long-term remote work.

Joliane Tremblay

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