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Overview of the role:

Our client offers the most efficient stolen vehicle tracking and recovery system in North America. This Canadian company is looking for a new dispatcher to coordinate on-the-road technician appointments and manage customer service.


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Main Responsibilities:
  • Plan and coordinate all service calls as soon as they are received;
  • Efficiently dispatch the technicians who are closest to the customers;
  • Follow up with technicians at the end of each call;
  • Answer all messages left overnight;
  • Maintain the dispatch schedule;
  • Forecast the future workload per day and per week;
  • Maintain billing;
  • Maintain customer history records in the database;
  • Compare service time sheets and purchase orders with the maintenance schedule;
  • Perform any other assigned tasks.
Qualifications required :
  • Ability to perform multiple tasks at the same time.
  • Ability to determine a sequence of actions and evaluate the time required for their execution.
  • Identifies, assembles and allocates the resources required to perform the work.
  • Ability to recognize the importance of a situation and communicate information about it as required.
  • Geographic knowledge of the service area or map reading.
  • Knowledge of the automotive industry, tracking systems (Asset).
  • Computer skills;Suite office.
  • Bilingual.
  • Five years of experience and/or training in customer service, dispatch or project management or an equivalent combination
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