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IT Business Analyst

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Job Description:

The IT Business Analyst is responsible for performing strategic business analysis for various departments in support of corporate goals and objectives. This includes cataloging and documenting business processes and sub-processes to uncover inefficiencies. The IT Business Analyst will also re-engineer processes and sub-processes as necessary to identify and execute the company’s technology plans. In this capacity, this person will be the primary liaison between the IT department and the business units.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Research and review processes that support business functions and system requirements.
  • Produce business process diagrams to define operational activities, procedures and templates.
  • Collaborate with project managers, system owners and end users to refine business operations requirements and objectives.
  • Analyze the effectiveness and efficiency of business processes and develop strategies to improve them (cost-benefit, cycle time, value stream mapping, business value analysis, etc.).
  • Identify omissions and errors in business requirements by conducting feasibility studies.
  • Evaluate results to develop new processes.
  • Create and/or prototype new procedures to improve business processes, operations and data flow.
  • Perform task impact analysis on business users; monitor impact scenarios throughout development and implementation cycles.
  • Design, develop and distribute training for relevant users.
  • Integrate new or revised business processes for incorporation into strategic decision making.
  • Prepare technical reports for IT staff in support of technical services activities.
  • Manage and coordinate research and/or survey databases as appropriate.
  • Perform data analysis as requested; develop and present ad hoc reports in support of various business process initiatives, both internal and external.
  • Provide advisory and technical support to the executive team and other strategic decision-making groups.
  • Perform system requirements testing and regression testing.
  • Manage, coordinate and evaluate the efforts of third party consultants engaged in contracted business process activities.


Required Criteria:


  • University degree in Computer Science or Business Administration required or equivalent relevant experience.


Relevant Experience

  • 10+ years of experience in application development.
  • 5+ years of direct work experience as a business analyst.
  • Demonstrated experience in modeling and mapping business processes using proven methodologies and models.
  • Extensive ERP experience.
  • Proven experience in business and technical requirements analysis.
  • Expertise in the design, development and implementation of redesigned business processes and associated software and hardware.



  • Direct knowledge of database management and various data extraction methods, including importing data into spreadsheets, graphs, etc.



  • Ability to write business procedures in both technical and user-oriented language.
  • Ability to troubleshoot changes, errors, and subsequent modifications to business processes; must
  • be able to do so while taking into account the work of other analysts.


Location: Montreal

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