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Manager, Retail Sales Development

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Purpose of the Position

The Manager, Retail Sales Development enjoys building relationships by providing customized solutions to customers in an exclusive partnership. With a collaborative and coaching approach, he/she evaluates opportunities and suggests improvements to the management team. As a consultant, he/she assists and supports the client in achieving their planned sales objectives.


  • Provide customized business solutions and dealer specific strategies to meet their specific needs, ensuring customer retention and promoting value added services, training tools and promotions;
  • Assist and support the major customer in the marketing, development and maintenance of price lists, retail guides, special promotions and materials;
  • Build relationships with management and manage a portfolio to achieve sales and productivity goals;
  • Conduct customized inspection events to review business practices within the dealership to help identify business opportunities.
  • Develop and implement market review plans that identify tire business opportunities for each dealership ;
  • Provide training and coaching on all retail strategies to dealers to maximize opportunities for all products;
  • Collaborate with customer to optimize merchandising components;
  • Maintain knowledge of current industry trends and share best practices within the team and network to support continuous improvement and exceed their goals;
  • Suggest improvements to current procedures to maximize their effectiveness and exceed sales goals;
  • Maintain records for each account under their responsibility.

Success Factors

  • Market Understanding: Your Bachelor’s degree in Sales, Marketing or Administration, combined with 5 years of experience in automotive retail and B2B sales has given you a broad knowledge of corporate and industry sales;
  • Business acumen: You understand the importance of building customer loyalty by providing unique and exclusive solutions and maintaining excellent business relationships. Your strategic thinking allows you to target current priorities, seize interesting business opportunities for the company’s growth and have a global vision of all aspects of the sales process, from inventory to retail;
  • Critical Thinker: You analyze different situations and enjoy solving problems. You have a conceptual approach and your critical thinking skills allow you to analyze best practices. Not a fan of the status quo, you make the necessary adjustments to exceed the dealer’s objectives;
  • Business Partner: You always opt for a collaborative and coaching approach. Comfortable with customer service, your interpersonal skills and advice are appreciated. You inspire confidence and offer a personalized approach adapted to the needs of the dealers in addition to offering the necessary tools for their success.
Isabelle Munger

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