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Producer - Gaming

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Our client values self-motivated makers, with a passion for collaboration and creating unique experiences. In our effort to innovate, it’s important to us to seek out developers from different backgrounds and perspectives.

Salary :
To be discussed
  • Lead the development of the project;
  • Oversee the development from concept to LiveOps and ensure that the team ships each milestone on time, quality and budget;
  • Transform the creativity of your developers into structured projects that are both ambitious and feasible;
  • Work in collaboration with the Human Resources Department to establish recruitment needs and participate in the recruitment process;
  • Analyze and determine the need to contract sub-contractors that might be necessary to the project;
  • Act as a mentor and nurture the professional growth of your employees via clear yearly objectives and recurrent one-on-ones;
  • Inform on a regular basis the Executive Producer and the Green Light committee of the project advancement.
Experience and qualifications:
  • Diploma in project management or equivalent experience;
  • A minimum of 3 years of experience in the mobile video game industry as a Producer;
  • Experience in problem resolution and conflict management;
  • Excellent knowledge of written and spoken French and English.
Technical skills:
  • Ability to lead, mobilize and influence a work team in order to obtain the quality and performance desired;
  • Ability to respect production deadlines;
  • Thorough knowledge of competitive products, companies and market trends;
  • Understanding of the game production cycle with a good understanding of ending and submission process.
Interpersonal qualities:
  • Excellent communication skills;
  • Leadership and a good sense of responsibilities;
  • Be able to clearly express ideas;
  • Be focused on achieving superior results;
  • Be a solid team player;
  • Have a synthesis and analytical mindset;
  • Be able to adapt to change and to work under pressure while respecting deadlines.
Motivation and interests:
  • Must understand what makes good games so special, and have the ability to pick games apart, pointing out what works and what doesn’t.
Marc-André Ouellette

Associé principal / Consultant sénior



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