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QA & Software Release Specialist

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Company Overview: 

Our client is a true global company with more than 110,000 employees working on all continents. They develop and manufacture 2D/3D inspection and metrology equipment for the Semiconductor industry. Their products are used worldwide by industry market leaders. 

Role and Responsibilities:   

We’re looking for experienced QA and software release specialist with a strong technical and analytical background in testing software solutions in embedded systems as well as software development skills. The candidate will be part of the engineering team. This multidisciplinary team is responsible in designing, developing, deploying and validating solutions to our industrial customers.

The candidate is a dynamic and self-motivated person motivated by advanced problem solving. He/she will work with specialists in the fields of Software Engineering, Optics, Electromechanics, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Vision. The candidate will also support and improve existing solutions. He/she contributes to the development of new features for the different components of the system by proposing and developing proper test cases to validate any developed features within the system specifications. The candidate will oversee the architecture and maintenance of an automatic build process to ensure the final Software solution is robust and functional in our customers’ production environment. The candidate will work with SW engineering team and field engineering to ensure that the ongoing development, bug fixes and required official releases are all matched. As a part of engineering team, he/she is responsible in understanding of SW development best practices, develop and deploy software solutions to our industrial hardware solutions that will be delivered to our customers. The candidate will interact with the software team, hardware team, field application engineering team and release engineer. 

The main responsibilities based on his/her abilities and interests will be: 

  • Control all applied software development environments and configurations that are essential for all tools. 
  • Determine in-house quality procedures, test cases, standards and specifications that fulfill tools specifications 
  • Test and validate the developed and delivered solutions and ensure if customer requirements are met 
  • Work with different development teams to establish quality procedures, and standards 
  • Propose and develop automatic regression testing tools to accelerate and automatize the validation procedure  
  • Provide technical reports for internal and customers usage 
  • Record, analyse and distribute statistical information related to issues and bugs 
  • Schedule and plan periodic code freezes, official software releases and hotfix releases upon demands and requests  
  • Prepare and write release notes following each official software releases 
  • Design and code large code bases targeting systems of mixed hardware and software with intuitive interactive software user controls and with the management of persistent data stores. 
  • Participate in design and code reviews, and communicate technical concepts clearly and effectively both verbally and in writing. 
  • Provide accurate estimates for own work. 
  • Work with SW engineering team and field engineering to ensure that the ongoing development, bug fixes and required official releases are all matched 
  • Help investigate and collect information to resolve process or design issues found in the codebase.  
  • Identify software performance improvements through test driven development, automated unit testing, and comprehensive integration testing. 
  • Other duties as required and requested by management. 

Skills & Experience Required : 

  • Bachelor’s in computer science, Computer Eng., Electronic engineering Electrical engineering or related fields is required. Master’s degree and/or a PhD is a plus. 
  • Knowledge in programming languages such as C/C++ (MS Visual studio, Borland builder (preferable)), STL C++ library, features of mathematics focused software, windows dll, services, API development or similar software engineering systems level experience on PC. 
  • Good organizational skills with ability to multi-task, prioritize, and track many activities. 
  • At least 2 year prior experience in quality assurance, automated builds and validation of continuous integrations.  
  • At least 5 years of experience in creating projects, new code branches and merging codes in GIT. 
  • At least 2 years of experience in creating build scripts, automated builds and continuous integrations.  
  • At least 5 years of experience in GIT admin, managing source code repositories, build agent and similar environments.  
  • Prior experience delivering production quality software, on Embedded Systems. 
  • Experience of Issue tracking systems such as Phabricator, Redmine and Jira. 
  • Ability to read specifications and write efficient C/C++ code adhering to the product specifications. 
  • Good analytical skills and attention to details. 

Other Requirement: 

  • Problem solving and optimization ability. 
  • Desire to work in a fast-paced, dynamic environment with high expectations. 
  • Skills and ability to work with cross-functional teams 
  • Great team player and positive personality. 
  • Good to communicate efficiently and clearly. 
  • Pro-active and result driven. 
  • Organised and rigorous. 
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