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The Planner is responsible for all forecasting activities associated with customers, products, brands and regions. He / She creates and maintains forecasting models, integrating business intelligence and forecasts gathered from sales departments, marketing, suppliers and other relevant sources. In constant interaction with his internal collaborators, he / she provides information that will guide procurement decisions and monitor the alignment of the merchandising team and thus meet business needs.


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Responsibilities entrusted
  • Perform supply analysis and demand and interpret a large amount of data;
  • Manage supply and demand databases on a regional and national basis by forecasting product segmentation;
  • Develop demand forecasts at multiple levels (brands, products, customers, region, etc.) for different horizons;
  • Develop forecast supply and demand analyzes by product segment by working with statistics and historical data of different markets;
  • Constantly seek to improve tools, data sources, data quality and analytical techniques to improve various aspects of marketing analysis and business requirements;
  • Review historical sales trends, prepare forecast data, develop statistical forecasting models and evaluate results;
  • Coordinate inter-functional research activities to reconcile significant differences and define the forecasting model to account for updated sales and marketing assumptions;
  • Work closely with the merchandising team, sales, marketing department, sourcing team and suppliers to gain a fair understanding of market demand and trends;
  • Provide information for supply planning by developing inventory strategies for existing products, new products and declining products;
  • Coordinate and communicate action plans at the sales level related to procurement planning;
  • Implement performance indicators (KPIs) to measure marketing initiatives and our sales programs;
  • Recommend adjustments to operational forecasts from the process and demand planning reports;
  • Gather and analyze all the data relevant to the creation of basic and promotional sales forecasts (sales history, market trends, seasonality, promotions, launch of new products);
  • Participate in the redefinition of the demand planning process and contribute to its continuous improvement;
  • Any other related tasks.


Required skills :
  • Technical background: Your Bachelor’s degree in Operations Management, Administration, Mathematics or Statistics combined with your 5 years of experience in the field make you a specialist in statistics, planning and forecasting methods.
  • IT expertise: Your experience with demand planning software, your advanced level with Excel and your APICS and IBF certifications are real assets;
  • Analytical skills: You have an easy way to establish a diagnosis, identify trends and define operational forecasts. You know how to identify the links between historical data and forecasts, which makes you able to formulate just recommendations;
  • Sense of initiative: Curious, you are on the lookout for the latest market trends and are constantly looking to improve forecasting tools to provide the most realistic recommendations and analysis possible;
  • Business Partner: You always opt for a collaborative approach and solution. Highly focused on customer service, your interpersonal skills and advice following your analysis are highly appreciated. You privilege the communication and the exchanges to optimize your forecasts and the work of your collaborators;
  • Rigor and attention to detail: You have a concern for a job well done. Careful and dedicated to accuracy, you continually ensure the reliability and integrity of the data provided.
  • Bilingualism: You are fluently bilingual and fluent in both French and English, both orally and in writing.
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