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Security Architect

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A great opportunity in the gaming industry!

Constantly evolving and within a dynamic environment, this is a challanging position for any driven architect.


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Duties :
  • Act as a key technical resource regarding security engineering matters across all environments.
  • Coordinate security engineering activities for specific projects in order to assist IT / game teams in delivering secure solutions through the specification of appropriate recommendations and requirements.
  • Perform detailed security architecture reviews, specifying guidance for projects involving public-facing services, large numbers of users and complex distributed architectures.
  • Assist with the compilation of technical risk assessments and the performance of any associated threat modeling.
  • Assist with the prevention and management of information security risk by proposing and elaborating upon improvements to security strategies, policies and processes with a global mindset.
  • Communicate efficiently whilst delivering security needs and validate that appropriate security measures are in place.
Experience and qualifications.
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Information Security / Computer Science or a related discipline.
  • 3+ years in Information Security or another relevant security discipline.
  • 6+ years of technical hands-on in at least one of the following topics; Linux administration, Microsoft Windows / AD administration, or Network technologies, etc.
  • Master’s Degree in Information Security / Computer Science or a related discipline. (Asset)
Technical Skills:
  • Strong knowledge and experience of generic security engineering concepts such as: Access Control, Identification and Authentication, Incident Response, Media Protection, System and Communications Protection, and System and Information Integrity.
  • Strong knowledge and experience of security architecture best practice, including conducting thorough security architecture reviews of complex environments and the use of applicable standards.
  • Strong knowledge and experience of impleting secure architectures within all types of Cloud service environment (e.g. public, private, hybrid).
  • Good knowledge and experience of secure network infrastructure design and associated technologies; such as VPN, firewalls, network intrusion detection / prevention and proxies, etc.
  • Good knowledge and experience of application security testing, including static / dynamic code analysis, the implementation of application security within automated deployment environments (e.g. CI/CD) and secure coding practices, etc.
  • Good knowledge and experience of cryptography, strong cryptographic key management, and the establishment of PKI architectures, etc.
  • Good knowledge of endpoint security monitoring and enforcement technologies.
  • Particularly strong communication skills, both verbal and written.
Interpersonal Qualities:
  • Ability to work well within distributed teams.
  • Ability to create detailed and well-organised documentation.
  • Availability to work out-of-office hours and remotely, when necessary.
  • Availability to travel internationally, when necessary.
  • Strong focus on client satisfaction.
  • Strong focus on business outcomes and a positive delivery attitude.
Motivation and interests:
  • A passion for video games is highly desirable.
  • A broad interest in developing technical areas such as big data analytics and artificial intelligence, etc.
Marc-André Ouellette

Associé principal / Consultant sénior



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