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Security Director

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The safety director ensures the protection of the people from the company, operations and property on the mining site and transportation between the site and Ouagadougou. He/She identifies threats, analyzes risks, plans and monitors the implementation of mitigation measures. He/She ensures the resilience and development of the skills of its department, provides informed advice to local management teams and actively participates in the crisis management system.

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Responsibilities and related tasks

Protect the mine site through security measures protecting assets, people and goods in transit:

  • Identify threats and conduct detailed intentional risk analysis.
  • Lead the implementation of safety and protection strategies for people, goods, logistics, production, refining and gold transport.
  • Build and update an action plan and improvement of the safety device, manage associated projects.
  • Plan and organize intelligence gathering actions. Develop an extensive and varied network for cross-checking information. Draw from factual analysis and conduct.
  • Establish and maintain a strong relationship with internal and external stakeholders (management team and departments, law enforcement, communities etc.).
  • Inform and advise the management team on the following topics:
  1.  The state of the security situation (crime, socio-political risks, terrorism …)
  2.  The specific risks to the personnel and property of the company and any element that may have an impact on the conduct of business.
  3. The vulnerabilities of the protective device.
  4. The mitigation measures to be adopted to counter the identified risks.
  • As coordinator of the local unit, participate in crisis preparedness and management.
  • Propose a risk analysis and advice in the context of the new projects of the company.
  • Provide secure support to exploration teams in connection with the Exploration Safety Coordinator.
  • Manage the human, financial and operational resources required for the site security function
  • Ensure the development and implementation of security policies and procedures
  • Participate in the design of emergency response measures, evacuation plans and crisis management.
  • Ensure the update of the road safety program documentation and the incident prevention program (ancillary tasks partially assigned to the safety department)
  • Ensure that all surveillance equipment, such as video surveillance systems, electronic security systems, perimeter protection access control systems, is always operational.
  • Establish and communicate the safety protocol
  • Ensure clear and consistent treatment of security breaches and investigate transgressions
  • Ensure the implementation of crime prevention measures and supervise the investigation of incidents, suspicious activities, any security situation in accordance with the regulations and laws in force, in association with the Department of Human Resources and local security forces
  • Ensure that site staff are aware of the risks and oversee emergency preparedness programs to ensure that site staff are able to respond effectively
  • Ensure the continued permanence of the safety management function of the site in case of absence
  • Participate in the selection and evaluation of security providers (security guards, experts and consultants).
  • Lead a multidisciplinary and multi-cultural team, promote initiative, accountability, teamwork, national skills development and respect for each
  • Forecast staffing requirements
  • Communicate to employees clear objectives and work requirements regarding the expected level of performance
  • Conduct performance appraisal and give feedback to direct reports
  • Build the team’s skills to improve the function’s ability to execute the operating strategy and financial strategy
  • Accompany the individual development plans of the subordinates registered in the Succession Plan; participate in periodic follow-ups and invest in development actions
  • Ensure employees receive appropriate group and individual training
  • Supervise monthly safety meetings and adopt the necessary measures
  • Promote respect for human rights in all security activities.
Required Skills
  • Diploma or Master in the field of Risk Management. (4-5 year program) or equivalent professional experience
  • At least 10 years of relevant experience in the field of private security and team management
  • Ability to solve problems using a strategic and pragmatic approach
  • Take initiative and be results-oriented
  • Ability to work in a sensitive environment that presents security challenges
  • Work experience in an environment of diverse cultures and religions
  • Ability to work at a high level of responsibility and manage activities, budgets and resources
  • Ability to solve complex technical, managerial and operational problems and evaluate possible solutions based on relevant information, available resources, experience and knowledge
  • Ability to work in a team with efficiency and productivity.
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