Integration tips list

Ideally, the process should begin once the offer is signed and confirmation is received. The notice period is usually 15 days so preparation can begin at that time.

15 days before :
-Inform the department concerned and the reception of the new hire.
-Reserve time slots in the speakers’ agendas
-Planning of physical arrangements to have a free office
-Preparation of a computer with access and appropriate software
-Provide a landline phone with extension number and a cell phone (if necessary).
-preparation of business cards with the above mentioned numbers
-Determine who will be “in charge” of the new employee and his/her training.
-Implementation of the training plan
-Determine the objectives
-Create a list of contacts
-Validate if you need an access/parking card

1 day before :
-Make sure everything is in place
-Prepare the employee file with the documents to be signed and completed upon entry into service.
-Validate that the training plan has been completed and that the supervisors are available.
-Plan a visit to the office and/or site to meet with colleagues and direct stakeholders.
-Lunch planning to welcome the new employee

Once in service, ensure regular follow-up with the new employee to obtain feedback and adjust as required.